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Circulatory Relaxation - A relaxing massage that increases blood and lymphatic circulation, improves, flexibility and joint range of motion. It removes toxins and metabolic waste while relaxing muscles and reducing stress. 1hr or 1.5 hr


Deep Tissue- A therapeutic full body massage focusing mainly on the deeper muscle groups in the neck, shoulders, and back. ( Trapezius, Levitator Scalpulae, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Subscapularis, Rhomboids, Teres major, Teres minor, Pectorals, Quadratus Lumborum, and Hamstrings) 1.5 hr 


Thai Yoga- An energizing massage that focuses on increasing flexibility, range of motion, and energy flow. Engages marma energy points in the body and feels great! 1 hr


Hot Stone- An deeply relaxing massage. Hot Stones are placed at different chakra energy centers on the body. Hot stones are used throughout the massage leading to an incredible relaxation and profound sense of well being. 1.5 hr


Surf Massage- A therapeutic combination of Thai Yoga and Deep Tissue focusing on the muscles of the neck, shoulders, back, and chest. 2hr

                        Prices vary depending on location. Please contact directly to schedule.


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