Private Retreats



     At Harmony Holistic Life we truly believe life is what you make of it!


  Our private holistic retreats allow you to create a space for more peace, joy, and  flow in your life. If you have been feeling stuck or blocked in your life form a past trauma, pain, event or combination of things this type of retreat is for you.  

   Life is not meant to be endured; it is to be enjoyed. If you have been struggling with something or just watching the days go by without feeling any joy, excitement or anything at all; choose to make the change.


  We have powerful tools to help you get to a better space. We will utilize personalized hypnotherapy sessions, life coaching, specialized mind-body  techniques, energy clearing, discussions and journaling exercises to support you to get  "unstuck" and enjoy your life again.


  We will support your whole system as you create this change by utilizing yoga, Pilates, meditations and personalized herbal and nutritional guidance. In this way every aspect of your being, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual will be engaged in your transformation.


  Nothing is more valuable than your life and your well-being. Take a time out to heal and enjoy your life anew...


We also offer a variety of creative and enjoyable experiences that are listed below because it is important to have fun and just enjoy.



              Create harmony in your life ...






                                                        Artistic Explorations


                                                Create art you can wear, hang or paint.


                                               It's all about enjoying, getting in touch with


                                             your creativity and making a token to take home.







                                                                Ocean Therapy


                                             There is nothing like spending time in the sea. The ocean's energy is                                 

                                          healing and rejuvenating. You can pick a surf board, body board, or


                                          giant inflatable. Whatever is right for you and let the ocean and sun or


                                          sunset soothe you.








                                                        Waterfall Trip and Las Islitas Beach Excursion

                                                In this day trip we will visit the beautiful El Cora waterfall


                                                and let the fresh waters cleanse and refresh you then we can


                                                       relax and enjoy the local cuisine at enchanting


                                                            Las Islitas  (The Little Islands)  Beach.















                                                                      Our retreat location is the perfect place to                                                                      

                                                                   support you in changing your life. It is beautiful, 


                                                                  peaceful and remote. The variety of birds-eye views


                                                                   assist you to gain a new  perspective of your life.                           














                      In this private retreat you will gain guidance and support on all levels;


                         physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This retreat will include:


                • Pre- retreat support to help you prepare and get the most out of your retreat!

               • Personalized hypnotherapy sessions

               • Life coaching 

               • Powerful mind-body and journaling techniques

               • Personal herbal and nutritional guidance

               • A therapeutic massage

               • Yoga and Pilates classes

               • Artistic and nature explorations

               • A trip to the local waterfall

               • Information of how you can utilize feng shui to support you

               • Post retreat support, including 3 post retreat hypnotherapy sessions

               • 6 nights accommodation


               • Delicious healthy gourmet cuisine

               • Airport transportation to and from the retreat

                    *Airfare is not included








                                                       Meet Your Hosts   






                                Lizzy Robbins HHP, CH is 100% percent committed to supporting people reach                                    their wellness goals on all levels. She specializes in personal development through                                  holistic health, hypnotherapy, yoga, Pilates, and mind-body techniques.She gained                                certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner from the Natural Healing Institute in                                      Encinitas, California and certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist focusing in Life                                  Coaching from the California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in Sacramento,                                 California. She practices locally in Nayarit, Mexico and online worldwide. It is her                                 wish and sincere desire to assist others heal and enjoy their lives and thrive.








                                   Jennifer Margaret Robbins, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, has a natural talent to                                 beauty in the create beauty in world and enjoy life! She specializes in energetic                                    interior and exterior design based on the Feng Shui.

                                Aside from creating stunning energetically functioning spaces, her talent for                                             creating beauty extends to the culinary arts as well. She is responsible for most of                                   the healthy gourmet meals you will enjoy at the retreat. Her plates are absolutely                                     beautiful and made with love you can taste!                                                             



                                                                                          Private Retreat 

                                                                                           $2600 USD

                                                                             For reservations and inquiries click below





10% of profits from private retreats will go to the formation of A New Leaf non- profit which will serve the local communities with free alternative holistic healing clinics. Thank you for your support!





































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