Holistic Mini Retreats


  Private one day and three day holistic retreats allow you to create a space in your life for more peace and harmony to flow in on your schedule.

You can enjoy customizing your retreat experience exactly how you would like it to be for yourself, your partner or your special group of friends.



 At Harmony Holistic Life we truly believe life is what you make of it! Our retreats are designed to introduce you to relaxation and mind-body techniques that will help you to create more peace, self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence. Enjoy a more peaceful, balanced, joyful and fulfilling life so that you will live your life better in whatever way that is for you.

              Create harmony in your life ...

             At  our mini three day retreats you will enjoy Yoga, Pilates, Energy Meridian                             and Chakra balancing exercises, guided meditations a personalized nutritional and                   herbal wellness advicean energy balancing hypnotherapy session, a therapeutic                       relaxation or Thai Yoga massage and your choice of a daily activity and daily                           discussion from the lists below.


                                         Day Activity Options


      Artistic Explorations


   Create art you can wear, hang or paint.


 It's all about having fun, getting in touch with


 your creativity and making a token to take home.



  Ocean Fun Adventures


                                There is nothing like spending time in the sea. The ocean's energy is healing and                   

                               rejuvenating. You can pick a surf board, body board, kayak, or giant inflatable. Whatever is 


                               right for you and have fun in the sun or as it sets! 



   Waterfall Trip and Las Islitas Excursion

                                    In this day adventure we will visit the beautiful El Cora waterfall and then enjoy a 


                                          relaxing lunch at beautiful Las Islitas Beach.










        Or just relax on the beach


   or by the pool. Everything is optional


  so you can create the retreat experience  


  that you need, in a way that is right for you.








  And if you would like some additional fun, excitement or TLC  we can arrange the following experiences for you to enjoy...



   Whale Watching Boat Trip                                                    Tai Chi Class

   Mangrove Jungle Boat Trip                                                     Hot Stone Massage                                     

   Salsa Batchata Dance Class                                                   Deep Tissue Massage


   Capulin Coffe Plantation Tour                                                  Shiatsu Massage




                                              Discussion Topics


  At our mini retreats you can choose to enjoy one of the following discussions each day. Just     pick whichever is most beneficial to you.

  Present Moment Consciousness 

  Knowing yourself, your Psychological “Selves” and your True self


  How Your Mentality and Emotional State Energetically Create Your  Reality 


  Feng Shui: How you can utilize your environment to create what you want in your life!


  The Relationship between your Inner Child’s Wisdom and  Creativity & Your Emotional         Security and Fulfillment


  Transforming  Your Shadow to Create a Better Life




   And now just pick your paradise mini retreat location....


                            Punta El Custodio


                                                                            Nayarit, Mexico





















     Playa Las Tortugas

            Nayarit, Mexico

















        El Encanto 



              Nayarit, Mexico 




             Holistic  Day Retreats

   Our day retreats are held in beautiful Nayarit, Mexico. They are offered in the comfort and convenience of your own home or at our one of our stunning retreat locations. This retreat is created to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Each retreat includes the following experiences:
  Wellness Energy Exercises : This  is a  yoga practice focusing on the chakra system and a guided energy flow meditation .
 A Holistic Nutritional and Herbal Program: This is a personalized nutritional or herbal program to facilitate you in reaching your wellness goals. We will have a consultation
and a wellness plan will be created based on your needs and goals.
    Mind / Body/Energy Balancing: In this session you will be facilitated into a trance state through hypnotic inductions and by communicating with your body's own natural intelligence we will balance your mental, physical, and emotional energies. We will also dispel and negative energy in your aura and open any energy blockages. You will feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated.
You can pick your choice of discussion topic from the list above to enjoy over lunch and then a healing massage. 
This is a one hour relaxing massage that is customized to your needs and likes. It is a wonderful way to end the day and give yourself some extra TLC!










          * Prices vary depending on location. Please email us for more information at                                                    contact@harmonyholisticlife.com

     10% of profits from mini retreats will go to the formation of A New Leaf non- profit which will serve the local communities with free alternative holistic healing clinics. Thank you for your support!



                                          Meet Your Hosts   


















            Elizabeth Marina Robbins HHP, CH                               Jennifer Margaret Robbins

                                                                                       Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

         Elizabeth is 100% percent committed to                        

       supporting people reach their wellness goals on                  Jennifer has a natural talent to create beauty in the

       all levels. She specializes in personal development          world and enjoy life! She specializes in energetic interior

       through holistic health, hypnotherapy, yoga, Pilates,         and landscape design based on the ancient art of Feng 

       and mind-body techniques.                                        Shui. She offers her services online as well as onsite.


          She earned certification as a Holistic Health                 Her new company One Love Biodegradables sustains

        Practitioner from the Natural Healing Institute                 our world by raising awareness while reducing waste.

        in Encinitas, California and certification as a Clinical      Aside from creating stunning energetically functioning                  Hypnotherapist focusing in Life Coaching from the          spaces, her talent for creating beauty extends to the 

        California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in          culinary arts as well. She is responsible for most of the 

        Sacramento, California. She practices locally in             healthy gourmet meals you will enjoy at the retreat. Her 

        Nayarit, Mexico and online worldwide. It is her             plates are absolutely beautiful and made with love you 

        wish and goal to assist others heal and enjoy their          can taste!

        lives and thrive.                                                         







































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