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What exactly is Feng Shui?


Feng shui is the study of the environment and how it affects people, and it is around us every moment of everyday whether we are consciously aware of it or not.


Does your home feel comfortable and relaxing to you? Or are there areas of your home or garden that just don’t give you that feel good feeling but you just can’t put your finger on the reason why?


Feng Shui can help you with that…


How you feel at this moment is directly affected by the environment you find yourself in.  Whether you are relaxed or tense, irritated or calm at this moment is greatly influenced by the feng shui of your surroundings. When we feel comfortable in a space we naturally have a more positive experience, and the more positive experiences we have the greater overall quality of life we live.


Feng shui gives us a system that helps us to identify both the positive and negative aspects of our surroundings so that we can emphasize the positive and minimize or eliminate the negative.  Feng shui goes beyond just how a room or space looks, it addresses how a space feels. And we all want to feel good, right?!


One of the most powerful ways in which Feng shui can make a positive difference in our lives is by helping us to recognize and minimize environmental stressors in our environments.  When we are able to minimize the the stressors in our environments, we naturally reduce the level of stress in our lives, because when anything in our environment annoys us or makes us feel vulnerable it creates automatic stress responses in our emotions and body, whether we are consciously aware of it happening or not.


The basic idea behind feng shui is simple, which is that when our surroundings feel good to us we naturally have a more positive attitude and the quality of our lives improves as a result.  


By applying the basic principles of feng shui we are able to consciously create spaces that enable us to experience greater pleasure and peace in whatever we do enabling us to create spaces that we thrive in.


What can Feng Shui do for you?

The correct application of the principles of Feng Shui are often credited with creating miraculous improvements in people's lives in areas such as relationships, health, finances and overall well being.  Just a few of the practical ways you can apply the principles Feng Shui to your life include

-to help make every room in your home one of beauty and relaxation

-create outdoor spaces that are welcoming and inviting

-create more balance and peace in your life

-increase feelings of contentment and joy

-help create more loving, healthier and happier relationships

-arrange the spaces around you in a way that promotes health and well being

-focus on, identify and improve specific areas of your life such as your career or finances


Everything in our world is composed of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything. Feng Shui helps us tap into this energy and use it in a way that benefits us. It helps us to become more aware of our surroundings, our deeper selves and of the enormous power our actions can have when we consciously apply certain principles or ideas to create a better life experience for ourselves.


Jenny is fascinated by the study of Feng Shui and genuinely would like to use her knowledge of this ancient practice to help people create their optimal environments so that they can lead their optimal lives.  

 Jenny is proud to offer the following services

with love and dedication:


In home feng shui consultations

 Interior & landscape design

   Space/Energy clearing

      Home blessings

      Home staging


Feng Shui

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