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Private Retreat Locations

  Private retreats are available throughout the year for individuals, couples, or private groups.  


                                You Need 

   to Create the Change

   You Want in Your Life!


 and Personal Attention

  Get the Clarity,                        

Private Retreats

Zen Center

Los Cocos, Nayarit, Mexico

Punta El Custodio

Compostela, Nayarit, Mexico

        If you are looking for a time-out to reconnect, heal, step into a healthier way of life and learn tools to support you going forward then this private retreat is for you!


A glimpse...

Punta El Custodio


Take a time out to enjoy and enrich your life!

Have you been feeling bored, stagnant or stuck in your life, and READY to finally get through it and into a better place?

Good, then this retreat is for you! Through private insightful hypnotherapy sessions, life coaching and tangible mind-body techniques, you'll regain your bearings, balance and flow  to start enjoying your life again.


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On the beach or by the pool there will always be a quiet place for you to enjoy!


    Included in your private retreat you will receive personalized herbal and nutritional guidance that will support you to care for yourself long after you have returned home, centered and renewed.

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  Won't it be nice to finally relax and gift yourself some  much needed TLC?

  Yes it will! You will relax into your retreat

with a therapeutic Goddess/God massage, complete with a sea salt exfoliation and a

herb infused facial and have lots of personal relaxation time each day so you can reconnect with yourself and gain some much needed down time.




Wouldn't it feel wonderful to feel energetic and excited about your life again?

More than you can imagine! Through rejuvenating body movement and daily immersion in nature you'll reconnect with your life force. And through daily meditation and healthy vegetarian meals, you'll deeply nourish your body-mind, leaving you more energized, refreshed and excited then you have been in years.

      By the end of this retreat you will feel reconnected, rejuvenated   

and secure knowing that you have all the tools you need to support yourself  moving forward in the next joyful chapter of your life!

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On this retreat you will experience...

  • Daily restorative body movement (yoga/Pilates/fusion), breathwork, and  meditation

  • Energy healing and powerful mind-body techniques

  • Personal life coaching sessions that will support you to heal and create the change you want

  • Insightful journaling exercises aligned with engaging discussions will create a new perspective of life

  • Personal herbal and nutritional guidance you can use to support yourself long after you have returned home from retreat


Personal transformational hypnotherapy sessions


  Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective therapy that works directly with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is 90% of our mental potential. Addressing an issue on the subconscious level treats it directly and empowers you to consciously change your thought patterns, habits, and better cope with stress and challenging situations in life.The hypnotic state is deeply relaxing and similar to what you experience right as you go to sleep or upon waking. It is a very peaceful, healing state of being.


• A delightful stay in a private, comfortable and beautiful accommodation


• Airport transportation to and from the retreat

• Delicious healthy vegetarian gourmet cuisine made with love you can taste!


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•A Godess/God therapeutic massage experience complete with a sea salt exfoliation and herb infused facial

• Fun, creative, and therapeutic artistic experiences plus 3 hours of personal relaxation time each day!

• Ocean and nature adventures


• A scenic and insightful trip to the El Cora waterfall and a lunch of local specialties on enchanting Las Islitas Beach


• And more fun surprises! 

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PLUS  Pre & Post Retreat Support

  • A pre-retreat personal life coaching session to evaluate and prepare for how the retreat can best serve you!


  • A personal hypnotherapy recording you can continue to transform with long after you have returned from retreat!


  •  PLUS 2 follow up personal life coaching sessions to support you going forward!

  Are you feeling like you could really benefit from a retreat but you don't want to be committed to a schedule or have to put on a happy face and socialize when you don't feel like it?

Great, we get it and this is the retreat for you! You will be able to enjoy your retreat with complete flexibility, and

enjoy all we have to offer at your own pace without any social pressures! This is a retreat where you can be an introvert or just be with your group, really relax and heal comfortably supported in a safe non-judgemental space.

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A glimpse...

Zen Center

Can you feel it?

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              A private retreat awaits you...



 A Private Retreat at the Punta El Custodio location is $5,999 USD per person. For private groups of 2  the price per guest is $3,999 USD.

For private groups of 3 or more the price is $3599 per guest

A private individual retreat at the Zen Center is $4999 USD.

A private retreat for 2 guests is $3599 USD per guest. (Private Ocean View Suite accomodation)

A private retreat for 3 guests or more is $3599 for Private Ocean View Suite accomodation or $3399 for a Private Room accomodation.

Would you like more information? Connect with us to schedule a clarity call. We are happy to answer all of your questions!  

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Enjoy our Equinox Savings Special!Now through March 30th we are offering $300 USD savings on our 2024 summer retreats! (June-September 2024) When you sign up with a friend you will both enjoy $500 USD savings!

                                        YOU deserve to  ENJOY YOUR LIFE…

               NOW is the  time to make the changes you want and need!


   After all of the yoga and breath techniques along with a lot of positive coaching, hypnotherapy and tasty healthy amazing food I came home from retreat rejuvenated, revitalized and ready to conquer the world! I recommend a retreat with Lizzy to anyone looking to get away and get in touch. My life has been forever changed since my week in beautiful Nayarit with Lizzy.  Kristen Walker

From the moment Lizzy picked me up from the airport in Puerto Vallarta I knew I had made the right choice!   The Villas are incredible with views from every single angle and yoga, pilates, massage, hypnosis, massage, and meditation overlooking the ocean are beyond description.  With Lizzy's help I am working on controlling my stress and changing lifelong habits of ignoring my health and mental well-being.

Every single meal that these ladies cooked was incredible in every way. I found myself asking for recipes for everything and am already implementing changes at home with their encouragement.  Everything was fresh and beautifully plated and the best part is that you get to eat with the ocean view and amazing conversation.  If you need a chance to get away, unplug, and ground yourself, I can't think of a better experience than with Lizzy at Harmony Holistic Life.                                                                                                                          - Carli Simmons

“I started to be more courageous in my life, feeling more excited and energized, making more plans for my future.  I really began to see that a lot of my insecurities were based upon engrained fears that I was finally ready to let go of.I understood now that my fears weren't reality and were actually illusions.I feel so much freer to pursue life, and to be who I really am.”​ -Melinda Vitale

        Are you ready to take a time-out, heal and rejuvenate so you can enjoy your life and thrive?

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

A deposit of 15% is required to hold your reservation. Full payment is necessary 30 days prior to the date of the retreat.

  If you must cancel your reservation; to receive a full refund you must cancel 30 days prior to the date of the retreat. If you cancel within 30 days of the retreat you will forfeit the deposit.

Meet Your Hosts

Tropical Leaves
Me zen center tree pose.jpg

   I became interested in holistic health through my own healing experience. I was born and raised in Southern California. In 2011 I was injured in my job as an ocean lifeguard. This was one of those moments where your life as you know it has changed forever ... in a day. It was not an easy process. Rather it was one of the most physically and emotionally painful experiences I had encountered ; but I got through it and I healed, grew, and created a new life. 


This was my initiation to a huge personal transformation on all levels. Through my recovery process I experienced a variety of healing modalities. I came to realize certain things to be true: that the body's natural state is good health,  and that the body knows how to heal itself and be well. What we need to know is how to support ourselves in our process.


Optimal health and well being involves four parts: our mental state, our physical body, our emotional state, and our spiritual and energy body.


   I became so fascinated with the healing process that I choose to study holistic health at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California. I expanded my studies into mind /body /energy healing techniques through hypnotherapy focusing in life coaching and behavioral coaching at the California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in Sacramento, California. I now live and practice in Nayarit, Mexico. It is my wish to support you in any aspect of your health, well-being, and personal development. - Lizzy Robbins HHP, CH

More Details...

The Cuisine

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Delicious food is a simple pleasure to delight in; and when it is nutritious, supporting you physically and inspiring you with new recipe ideas that you can enjoy long after retreat; that is something celebrate!

A healthy breakfast buffet all homemade with love- wholegrain bread, tropical granola, fruit and seed bars, are just a few of the treats that will help you start a wonderful day! Fresh juice and ripe exotic fruits delight your taste buds as you enjoy the bliss of this quiet morning ritual.

Gourmet taste, quality, and beautiful presentation will fuse with healthy vegetarian world cuisine and traditional Mexican and  Central American dishes for variety of flavor and fun! Mexico is known for it's diversity of flavorful handmade salsa's and our talented chef offers a variety for you to explore so you can choose the perfect amount of spice to entice your palate and accentuate your meal.



We will also enjoy the local specialties in the tranquil atmosphere of coastal Nayarit.  Our retreat team will be able to accommodate any dietary requests you have with advanced notification so you can relax  and enjoy all your meals worry free!

Isn't it nice to know...

A donation from the proceeds of this retreat will go to support:

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Thank You!

“With Lizzy I have complete trust, and that has undoubtedly contributed to my well-being. I have had the privilege of Lizzy working with me via hypnotherapy to erase self-limiting beliefs. Because of her assistance, I am more integrated and willing to meet life on its own terms.” Katherine, Nayarit, Mexico

  Lizzy worked with me over the course of four weeks to help me make healthier choices with respect to food and exercise. In addition to the hypnotherapy, which was the focus of the sessions, she generously provided coaching with additional techniques related to stress control and body image. Her warmth, positive attitude and obvious concern for me, her client were greatly appreciated.


                                                             - Joyce, G.

I can’t say enough good things about Liz, since my first session (hypnotherapy) with her incredible things started to happen and by the end of my treatment everything I wanted to change in my life was transformed. Liz really took her time to listen to me and made my sessions very personalized, I am grateful with her for the time and energy she put on me. It was a very powerful tool for me and I’m still surprised how effective this therapy was.


                                                       SP, Nayarit

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