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Soul Journey Retreat




To Your Physical Experience



Punta El Custodio, Compostela, Nayarit, Mexico

June 2nd - 8th, 2024

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

In this retreat we practice how to connect with our spiritual essence, guidance, and limitless power. We teach tools and techniques to help you evolve consciously and feel your spiritual connection in your daily life.

A glimpse...

A Day on Retreat...

sunrise retreat pic.JPG

As you watch the sunrise you revel in the feeling of serenity growing within you.

Stillness, peace, and calm surround you and with each breath these elements resonate deep with you.

Your mind quiets as you observe the natural beauty of this tranquil paradise and in these special moments on retreat you feel the deep knowing, tranquility, and bliss of your spiritual existence.



   Some days you will experience energy healing and hypnotherapy sessions to release, balance, energize your system.On other days you will learn ancientand modern spiritual teachings and tangible mind- body techniques to help feel more centered, alleviate anxiety,and feel a deeper connection with your soul and source of all that is.


   In the evening we will join for a sunset sharing circle to reflect on the days events, share our personal insights and enjoy the natural splendor!


We will end the day with another delicious meal made with love you can taste and a delightful dessert we will savor with any afterthoughts of the day and anticipation for tomorrow!

After breakfast we join as a group of of loving souls under our sacred, centuries old Chalata tree and practice revitalizing body movements.


Feeling the energy flowing through your body, stretching, and meditating to the sound of the ocean waves you know you are opening a portal within you that will never be blocked again.

IMG_1630 copy.jpg

You will also enjoy personal relaxation time each day that you could use to relax by the pool, on the beach, or enjoy one of our artistic explorations. Feel the joy of creating freely without judgement or the need for perfection, just enjoying the moment!


  At lunch you be nurtured with healthy gourmet vegetarian meals and mentally stimulated by engaging group discussions thoroughly aligned with insightful journaling experiences to deepen your personal and spiritual awareness.


By the end of this retreat you will have a clear understanding,

knowledge, and valuable tools to lay a solid foundation for spiritual growth, gain deeper awareness to care for your energy body,  and maintain connection to  your spiritual essence as you consciously create your next blissful chapter of life!

Have you felt low energy, cut off form your life force and are READY to reconnect and feel alive again?

Great, on retreat we will disconnect to reconnect!

A time out and change of scenery is the first level of disconnection. On retreat through present moment consciousness practices and tangible mind-body techniques you will learn tools to quiet the mind clutter that blocks awareness in daily life allowing you to  feel your energy flow more freely.


Would you like to know more about our energy system and learn self-healing techniques?


Perfect, the very first day on retreat we start our morning practice with a Journey through the Chakras session where we learn about our inner energy system; through yoga poses to engage each chakra, guidance how you can utilize this knowledge for your personal development, and an energizing meditation through each chakra.

rainbow hand.jpg
Me believe.jpg

Won't it be great to feel balanced, grounded, and centered in your life?


Yes it will! On retreat we will create a solid foundation for spiritual awareness through daily body movement, energy healing, personalized herbal and nutritional guidance,  so you feel and maintain a deeper sense well-being in your life regardless of outside circumstances.

Take a time out to come into alignment with you!

Exotica Flower.JPG

During this retreat you will gain and enjoy...

  • Valuable tools to create a solid foundation for spiritual growth

  • Energy healing therapy sessions to clear, release, unblock, and energize

  • Knowledge of our energy system, modern and ancient spiritual teachings to help guide you in your life

  • Hypnotherapy and mind-body techniques to create a deeper connection to your spiritual essence

  • Understanding how to monitor and protect your energy body 

  • Guidance how to follow your intuition and stay connected to your inner being throughout your daily life


  • A delightful stay in a safe, comfortable and beautiful accommodation


  • Airport transportation to and from the retreat

  • Delicious healthy vegetarian gourmet cuisine made with love you can taste!


  • Energizing and beneficial yoga and Pilates practices and a variety of helpful meditations



  • Knowledge of the ancient art of Feng Shui to create a positive energy flow and attraction in your life


  • Fun, creative, and colorful artistic experiences and 3 hours of personal relaxation time each day!

  • Hypnotherapy to strengthen soul connection


  Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective therapy that works directly with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is 90% of our mental potential.  By working with the subconscious mind we  access deeper parts of our psyche to become more aware of and intune with our energy body and heighten or connection to inner guidance and psychic capabilities. The hypnotic state is a state of deep relaxation yet hyper awareness similar to what you experience right as you go to sleep or upon waking. It is a very peaceful, pleasant state of being.

  • Ocean and nature adventures


  • A scenic and insightful trip to the local El Cora waterfall and a lunch of regional specialties on enchanting Las Islitas Beach


  • And more fun surprises!

PLUS Awesome Bonuses!

•A pre- retreat personal life coaching session to evaluate and prepare for how the retreat can best serve you!


•1 post retreat group follow up support session AND1 follow up personal life coaching session to support you going forward!


• An energy healing hypnotherapy recording to promote well-being long after you have returned from retreat!

Get ready to reconnect in nature and feel the flow in your life!

IMG_1630 copy.jpg
Sunrise ___.JPG
Bananas Beach copy.jpg
sea turtles.JPG
sunset villa exotica.JPG
River Platanitos 4.JPG

   The laid back palm swaying calm of Nayarit holds the peace and energy to feel connection and transformation. The natural beauty of this tranquil rural coastal area offers an different pace of life and perspective. The warmth of the kind local people will make you feel at home in this peaceful paradise.


Can you feel it?

Now is the time to awaken and really feel alive!


Won't it feel nice to strengthen your connection to your inner guidance, gain clarity, and feel more relaxed and confident?


Yes it will! On retreat through journaling techniques and inner child work you will feel a deeper emotional and spiritual connection to gain access to your intuition and higher guidance so you feel more confident making decisions and more relaxed and at ease in your life.

Would you like to gain insight from modern and ancient spiritual teachings?


Wonderful, during the retreat will reflect on several great spiritual truths and discuss how to integrate these teachings into our daily lives.

Ocean view at waterfall.JPG
Flower pic.JPG

Are you ready to feel a deeper spiritual connection and create a more fullfilling life? 


Great! When we are in touch with our spiritual nature life flows. On retreat through visualization and mind-body techniques, and creative artistic exercises you will learn to align your energy to create the life experience you want!

Align with your spiritual essence and feel the awakening in your life!





to Your Physical Experience



January 29th - February 4th, 2023


Shared room accommodation is $2799 USD and a private room is accommodation is$3399 USD.

  Are you ready for a wonderful week of spiritual evolution in beautiful  Nayarit,  Mexico to feel more  grounded, alive, and joyful in your life?

 Great, sign up now to join us on retreat!


 Do you need more information first? Connect with us via email and/or schedule a clarity call and we are happy to answer all of your questions!  

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Meet Our Awesome Team...

Tropical Leaves

 Your Host Lizzy Robbins 





Me los cocos.jpg

I became interested in holistic health through my own healing experience. I was born and raised in Southern California. In 2011,

I was injured in my job as an ocean lifeguard. This was one of those moments where your life as you know it has changed forever ... in a day. It was not an easy process. Rather it was one of the most physically and emotionally painful experiences I had encountered;

but I got through it and I healed, grew, and created a new life.


This was my initiation to a huge personal transformation on all levels. Through my recovery process I experienced a variety of healing modalities. I came to realize certain things to be true: that the body's natural state is good health, and that the body knows how to heal itself and be well. What we need to know is how to support ourselves in our process.


 Optimal health and well being involves four parts: our mental state, our physical body, our emotional state, and our spiritual and energy body. I became so fascinated with the healing process that I choose to study holistic health at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California. I expanded my studies into mind /body /energy healing techniques through hypnotherapy focusing in life coaching and behavioral coaching at the California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in Sacramento, California. I now live and practice in Nayarit, Mexico. It is my wish to support you in any aspect of your health, well being, and personal development. 

- Lizzy Robbins HHP, CH

More Details...

The Location 


For more pictures and location details visit our gallery page!

Mango crumble.JPG
Fresh Fruit Flower.jpg
Homemade bars 2 .JPG
jenny meal pic 6.jpg
Jenny food pic.jpg
Beauty in a Salad.jpg
Jenny food pic 4.jpg
Jenny food pic 3.jpg

         This retreat is for you if:


  •  You are ready to heal from something that has been lowering your vibration

  • You want to reconnect with your life force in natural beauty to increase your energy, joy and flow in your life

  • You want to gain spiritaul insight and  understanding

  • You would like to create a deeper relationship with yourself and connect to your spirituality

  • You want to gain clarity and have spiritual awakaning in your life!

The Cuisine

Delicious food is a simple pleasure to delight in; and when it is nutritious, supporting you physically and inspiring you with new recipe ideas that you can enjoy long after retreat; that is something celebrate! 


 A healthy breakfast buffet all homemade with love: wholegrain bread, tropical granola, fruit and seed bars, are just a few of the treats that will help you start a wonderful day! Fresh juice and ripe exotic fruits delight your taste buds as you enjoy the bliss of this quiet morning ritual.


  Gourmet taste, quality, and beautiful presentation will fuse with healthy vegetarian world cuisine and traditional Mexican and  Central American dishes for variety of flavor and fun! Mexico is known for it's diversity of flavorful handmade salsas and  our talented chef offers a variety for you to explore so you can choose the perfect amount of spice to entice your palate and accentuate your meal.


We will also enjoy the local specialties in the tranquil atmosphere of coastal Nayarit. We will be able to accommodate any dietary requests with advanced notification so you can relax and enjoy all your meals worry free!


         This retreat is not for you if:


• You are not willing to hold a nonjudgemental space for yourself and others in our retreat group


• You are not truly interested in creating positive change in yourself or in  your life.

Not included in the price of this retreat...

•Airfare                         • Personal side-trips

•Extended stay                • Photography prints

•Personal Purchases          •Personal Amenities

                 Reservation and Cancellation Policy

All private and shared rooms are available upon your reservation. Shared rooms are limited and will be distributed upon a first to request basis.


A deposit of 15% is required to hold your reservation. Full payment is necessary 60 days prior to the date of the retreat. If you book the retreat within 60 days of the retreat start date full payment is required upon reservation.


Regular price for shared room is $2799 USD and regular price for a private room is $3399 USD.


If you must cancel your reservation; to receive a full refund you must cancel 30 days prior to the date of the retreat. If you cancel 0-29 days prior to retreat start date the remaining balance is not refundable, but the deposit can be used towards a future retreat.

Two reduced price scholarship spots are available, contact us for more information.

Isn't it nice to know?

A portion of the proceeds from these retreats will benefit local community projects!


San Blas Surf Club takes children surfing connecting them with nature and the ocean's healing energy.

Bahia Matanchen Animals helps animals in need and holds spay and neuter clinics each month.

Becas Matanchen provides scholarships for students in the Matanchen Bay  area.

Heart pic.JPG

Club Deportivo Bahia Matanchen is a sports club for kids in the area. The kids are able to enjoy all of the   benefits of team sports with absolutely no cost involved.

Thank you!

 Sheltered in nature as gentle ocean breezes surround you in exotic floral scents you relax and enjoy the sweetness and beauty of the moment.


While enjoying a private, reflective and nutritious breakfast you hear the birds chirping and feel the gentle ocean breeze and you gain a deeper inner peace and appreciation for personal, reflective time each day.In this way you effortlessly create new supportive habits; keeping you connected with your inner being. 

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