I recently returned from a retreat with Lizzy at Harmony Holistic Life in Nayarit. The accommodations were fantastic, the views were amazing and the food was delicious! I could hear the ocean no matter what room I was in at the Villa and that alone creates a relaxing vibe. When I had decided I wanted to go on a retreat I knew I wanted to be in the fresh air and I wanted to do yoga daily. What I actually received was so much more than I could have imagined. I had been grieving the loss of my mother and was dealing with a lot of sadness and feeling extremely lost. Lizzy was emotionally supportive and helped me though my grief. She helped me to learn how to heal myself and find my way out of the fog to my beautiful life. I am forever grateful for that. After all of the yoga and breath techniques along with a lot of positive coaching, hypnotherapy and tasty healthy amazing food I came home from retreat rejuvenated, revitalized and ready to conquer the world! I recommend a retreat with Lizzy to anyone looking to get away and get in touch. My life has been forever changed since my week in beautiful Nayarit with Lizzy.

 My good energy and happy thoughts carried with me to Texas and continues to grow.  I feel whole again and that's such a great feeling. I feel all the positive changes in my life happening and I couldn't be happier about it.               


                                                     Kristen Le Claire, March 3rd,2020



  Lizzy worked with me over the course of four weeks to help me make healthier choices with respect to food and exercise. In addition to the hypnotherapy, which was the focus of the sessions, she generously provided coaching with additional techniques related to stress control and body image. Her warmth, positive attitude and obvious concern for me, her client were greatly appreciated.


                                                             Joyce, G., January 29th, 2020


     I can’t say enough good things about Liz, since my first session (hypnotherapy) with her incredible things started to happen and by the end of my treatment everything I wanted to change in my life was transformed. Liz really took her time to listen to me and made my sessions very personalized, I am grateful with her for the time and energy she put on me. It was a very powerful tool for me and I’m still surprised how effective this therapy was.


                                                              SP, Nayarit, March 24th, 2019

   Sessions with Lizzy have been so insightful and comfortable. Her technique has been so warm and helpful. I highly recommend her for hypnotherapy work!

                                                               Alexis, New York

                                                                  June 1st, 2018


   I am in excellent hands with Lizzy Robbins when I seek support for the healing of my mind, body,and spirit. Why? Because she is learned, sensitive, and wholly committed to creating a space for balance and renewal. Equally important, Lizzy is respectful of my privacy and vulnerabilities. She takes her work seriously and knows that every person desiring support has unique needs and goals. With Lizzy I have complete trust, and that has undoubtedly contributed to my well-being. I have had the privilege of Lizzy working with me via hypnotherapy to erase self-limiting beliefs. Because of her assistance, I am more integrated and willing to meet life on its own terms.                                                           

                                                                  Katherine Minott 

                                                        Nayarit, Mexico October 6th, 2017


   Lizzy has worked with me two times. Both times were remarkable and highly effective. The first time was particularly dramatic as I went into the session in a state of high anxiety, having had old PTSD symptoms triggered, which gave me stomach pain and other symptoms. I think I had a little trouble at first but within 3 minutes I was in a deep state of relaxation. Lizzy has a genuine calm manner which makes this possible. The second time was done via Skype and it was just as powerful. Once again physical symptoms of anxiety disappeared. This has given me a lot of hope for improvement. I would highly recommend working with Lizzy to address any number of issues.                       

                                                              Catherine Matson Perry

                                                           California October 21st, 2017


    I was very fortunate to have had 7 hypnotherapy sessions with Elizabeth Robbins...  and I can already see and feel the benefits of the work we did together.  Elizabeth is a gentle, perceptive, and present therapist who listens very closely to you, helping you understand yourself more clearly.  It was easy to talk to her about very sensitive subject matter. In her presence I felt completely supported, understood and accepted.  After as little as 3 sessions, I started to doubt myself less and noticed that any lingering negative self talk held much less power over me.  I found myself not being as affected by the normal things that would normally make me fearful or upset.  By the 5 or 6 session, I started to be more courageous in my life, feeling more excited and energized, making more plans for my future.  I really began to see that a lot of my insecurities were based upon engrained fears that I was finally ready to let go of.  I understood now that my fears weren't reality and were actually illusions.  I feel so much freer to pursue life, and to be who I really am.  I highly recommend Elisabeth to anybody who needs help becoming their best selves.  She is truly an earth angel!

                                                                  Melinda Vitale

                                                       Los Angeles, Ca October 24, 2017


Most amazing, refreshing, and soothing massage.I've experienced Lizzy as very professional and has the best healing energy! 

                                                                    Alexis Fernandez

                                                             New York, February 14th 2018


    Hey folks, if you're looking for a great massage therapy session or three, I recommend Lizzy Robbins.She shows up with everything she needs, is uber professional, and offers several therapy options.Give her a shout.                         


                                                                   Randy Eshelman

                                                        Nayarit, Mexico January 28,2018


    Such a wonderful massage,pressure was great and Liz is really in tune with what your body needs. =)                                        Courtney Irenef

                                                              Oregon, February 14th, 2018


    Amazing,amazing,amazing from beginning to end. The music, the oils, the massage were the best!                                    Sil Gofita

                                                     New York, February 14th, 2018   



Liz was incredible, every moment was relaxing and sensory, highly recommend!

(massage)                                                            Chanel

                                                         Oregon, February 14th 2018    



  May I highly suggest Elizabeth Marina Robbins, Holistic Health Practitioner, for a one hour full body massage.Ms Robbins was able to come to my home, a great convenience for me. She provided safety and privacy in a professional manner at all times. A requested questionnaire prior to the massage, was provide for Ms Robbins. This provided safe, therapeutic care, for a positive outcome; correct pressure to be used was also discussed . A most welcomed addition for me, was the use of aroma and music, of my choice. Two of my friends also had a massage the same day. Needless to say, the results for all of us were positive and very good, that being ongoing  relief of muscle discomfort,  and total relaxation. Thank you !

                                                                          Patty Deciutiis

                                                           Playa Matanchen, February 16th, 2018




  This was a wonderful experience for me. (Mind Body Energy Balancing). I felt energy swirling around me up and down and diagonally swirling through me. I felt very light. I came out feeling extremely relaxed with a deep sense of well being.         


                                                           JR, Nayarit, Mexico June 24, 2017



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