At Harmony Holistic Life we truly believe that life is what you make of it. Our intimate, small group retreats (5-10 people) held in Mexico, Costa Rica and more beautiful locations focus on alleviating stress and calming mental clutter to create more tranquility, relaxation, and well-being.

  Our retreat team will introduce you to relaxation and mind-body techniques to create more peace,

self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence. By utilizing these techniques everyone will have the opportunity to bring the peace they find on retreat back into their daily life. You can experience feeling more alive, joyful and fulfilled. Take a time-out and enjoy and enrich your life. 


                                           Our all- inclusive retreats include:

                                                 (Everything is optional)


・Safe, luxurious accommodations                                 ・Airport transportation

・Pilates, yoga and tai chi  practices                              ・Delicious healthy cuisine     

・Personalized nutritional and herbal advice                    ・Therapeutic massage 

・An energy balancing hypnotherapy session                  ・Creative artistic explorations 

・A rejuvenating waterfall trip                                       ・Ocean fun adventures  

・Knowledge of how you can utilize feng shui to create what you want in your life

・3 hours of personal relaxation time each day                ・Engaging group discussions                      ・Other fun surprises!

・Some of our retreats have Jiu Jitsu flow exercises focusing on increasing flexibility and special self defense techniques 

・50% of our retreats welcome families! We have special group leaders and activities for children such as yoga, nature hikes, artistic explorations, ocean adventures and much more! So you can relax and enjoy your retreat knowing your children are being cared for, learning and having fun too!


                                Create the retreat experience that is right for you...

                                                         Our Awesome Itinerary!


           • 8 am  Healthy Breakfast Buffet  (vegan options)

           •  9 am Daily Practice and Meditation (Pilates, yoga, or tai chi)  ( Jiu Jitsu flow for some retreats) 

           •11 am Engaging Group Discussion

           •12 pm Healthy Gourmet Lunch

           •1pm Daily Activity ( Artistic Exploration, Ocean Adventures, Nature Walks, fun surprises!)

               and Personal Relaxation Time

           • 5 pm Sunset Yoga/Pilates Practice

           • 7 pm Gourmet Dinner and Dessert


-                                                       Waterfall Excursion  


          Our trip to the beautiful El Cora waterfall, located about 45 minutes from our location you will   

     refresh you and give you the opportunity to enjoy a tour of the beautiful surrounding area. 

     After our visit to the waterfalls we will enjoy a relaxing lunch of local cuisine on beautiful Las Islitas 

    Beach. In this excursion you will get to discover the unique beauty that this special nook of rural 

    coastal Nayarit offers. 









                                 Our Discussion Topics



    Present Moment Consciousness 

    Knowing Yourself, Your Psychological “Selves” and your True Self

    How Your Mentality and Emotional State Energetically Create Your  Reality 


    Feng Shui: How You Can Utilize Your Environment to Create What You Want In Your Life!


    The Relationship Between Your Inner Child’s Wisdom and  Creativity & Your Emotional                Security and Fulfillment


    Transforming  Your Shadow to Create a Better Life

                   And now pick your paradise retreat location.......

                             Costa Rica





 Osa Peninsula,

   Costa Rica


   April 18th - 26th 2020



































                                             Encanta La Vida Eco Jungle Lodge

 Matapalo, Costa Rica is absolutely amazing. There are so many lush diverse beaches it is truly breathtaking. The nature is alive in a way you can feel. As you listen to birds singing and monkeys playing you can't help but feel good. There are all kinds of beautiful tropical flowers and plants and two waterfalls to enjoy. A trip to the nearby Corcovado national park, which is considered to be one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world is also included in the retreat. You can enjoy this beautiful place and know that a percentage of the proceeds from the retreat will go to the Osa Wildlife Reserve to rehabilitate injured wildlife.




Punta El Custodio




  March 22nd - 28th 2020

       August 2- 8th 2020



























































   Punta el Custodio is a safe, peaceful relaxing gated vacation community in the Compostela area of Nayarit, Mexico. The stunning views and calm, tranquil atmosphere induce peace and tranquility. There are two beautiful beaches to enjoy and the community pool has bird's eye views of them both and is sheltered by a beautiful 400 year old Chalata tree. This retreat includes a trip to the beautiful El Cora waterfall followed by lunch on enchanting Las Islitas beach. In this retreat you will a enjoy all the peace of Punta el Custodio and the charm of rural Mexico and its kind people. You can enjoy this retreat knowing that a percentage of the proceeds from the retreat will go to support local community projects. Please check out our community projects at the bottom of the page.


For more information and details such as reservations, which retreats are open to families and which are adults only, excursions, just click on the link  or email us at and we will contact you soon! 






  Playa Las Tortugas

        Nayarit, Mexico


         June 27th - July 3rd 2020































 Playa Las Tortugas is 12 miles of pristine beach lined with coconut trees and bordered by a beautiful estuary. The natural beauty and remote peacefulness give it a private island feeling of tranquility. At the end of the gated community there is  a turtle conservatory which releases thousands of baby sea turtles each year. This retreat also includes a trip to the stunning El Cora waterfalls followed by a relaxing lunch at beautiful Las Islitas beach. You can enjoy this retreat knowing that a percentage of the proceeds from this retreat will go to support the turtle conservatory and local community projects. 


  For more information and details such as reservations, which retreats are open to families and which are adults only, terms and excursions, just click on the link  or email us at and we will contact you soon! 



                               Meet Our Retreat Team




                                                       Your hosts...       


               Elizabeth Marina Robbins HHP, CH                               Jennifer Margaret Robbins

                                                                                       Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

         Elizabeth is 100% percent committed to                        

        supporting people reach their wellness goals on                  Jennifer has a natural talent to create beauty in the

        all levels. She specializes in personal development          world and enjoy life! She specializes in energetic interior

        through holistic health, hypnotherapy, yoga, Pilates,         and landscape design based on the ancient art of Feng 

        and mind-body techniques.                                          Shui. She offers her services online as well as onsite.


          She achieved certification as a Holistic Health               Her new company One Love Biodegradables sustains

        Practitioner from the Natural Healing Institute                 our world by raising awareness while reducing waste.

        in Encinitas, California and certification as a Clinical      Aside from creating stunning energetically functioning                  Hypnotherapist focusing in Life Coaching from the          spaces, her talent for creating beauty extends to the 

        California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in          culinary arts as well. She is responsible for most of the 

        Sacramento, California. She practices locally in             healthy gourmet meals you will enjoy at the retreat. Her 

        Nayarit, Mexico and online worldwide. It is her             plates are absolutely beautiful and made with love you 

        wish and goal to assist others heal and enjoy their          can taste!

        lives and thrive. 

         Her passion for wellbeing and personal development

        extends to  children's development, as she writes and

        illustrates bilingual children's books to promote positive

        consciousness growth, self-love, and self esteem. 















                                                                            ...and awesome instructors!


 Kauan Gracie, director and professor at Gracie North Jiu Jitsu Academy, has been a professional mover for a long time. She has taught various disciplines of dance, fitness, Jiu Jitsu and mobility all around the world. At our retreats she is  excited to share with you her experience of body awareness and the overall empowerment you attain through a basic understanding of self defense. With a BFA in Dance Performance from Chapman University and a member of the worlds largest athletic family (Rickson's daughter), Kauan has always had a passion for the body's full potential of expression.                

















 Dawn Geer and Greg Thiry contribute Kundalini Yoga, Sound Baths, and meditations to several of the adult retreats. They are also our special children's group leaders for several of the retreats. They bring their unique and evolutionary techniques from their curriculum "Yoga of Elements", to bring consciousness growth and awareness to children.















Dawn Geer

Native to California, Dawn is a preschool and Kindergarten teacher and has been working in the early childhood development field as an educator for 18 years. She is a Montessori certified teacher and combines different educational approaches: Montessori, R.I.E and Waldorf. After opening her preschool in Malibu (CA) she went on to teach English as a second language to children in foreign countries. While teaching in South Africa she got her Yoga4Kids teacher training. She is committed to her Kundalini Yoga practice (KRI and Yoga for Youth trainings). Dawn embraces the mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh which considers our relationships to self, others and to Nature as the highest teachers. 

Certifications:Level One Kundalini Teacher Training (KRI) , Yoga for Youth Training (Krishna Kaur Khalsa),  
Conscious Communication Teacher training (KRI course),Yoga4Kids (International Accredited Children’s Yoga Cert.)   TEFFL/ TESOL Certificate (Teaching English as a 2nd Language), Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Training Diploma


Gregoire Thiry.

Gregoire has an international background in Environmental, Educational and Social Sciences (Master’s degree), while having a strong connection to the natural environment and ancient traditions. His advocacy for nature’s protection took him to different continents and allowed him to remind the younger generations about sustainable actions. Through his travels in South-Africa he got trained to bring mindfulness, meditation and yoga to children (Yoga4Kids). Being a multi-instrumentalist he believes that music has a strong healing and community building potential and is currently co-facilitating events across Los Angeles. Committed to his Kundalini Yoga practice he is involved in Yoga for Youth, as well as Love Activists to teach in underserved community of the city. 

Certifications:Level One Kundalini Teacher Training (KRI),Yoga for Youth Training (Krishna Kaur Khalsa),
Conscious Communication Teacher training (KRI course), International Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Human Interactions (BIOGET). Minors in Social and Educational Sciences  
Yoga4Kids (International Accredited Children’s Yoga Cert.)  


                                                   Yoga  of Elements Mission

Education through Yoga, Mindfulness, Environmental Sciences, Music and Creative Expression

The target of this educational program is to spread environmental consciousness, social cohesiveness, communicate mindful techniques through breath and movement while promoting an attitude of awareness to youth and adults. The vision carries tools and teachings from different traditions: Yogic Philosophies, Mindfulness (Thich Nhat Hanh), Western and Eastern Sciences.




                                           Dr. Faith Inman, PhD earned her doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from                                                    UCLA. She has developed effective healing techniques using bodywork, art, water,                                                     storytelling, love, light, and sound. 


                                           Faith began her journey with yoga over 25 years ago in Nepal, and has                                                                  taught  yoga in the Iyengar tradition as well as innovative dance yoga to students from                                                beginner to advanced, children to senior citizens.








  Gabriele Jahn brings her love and experience of Tai Chi to several of our retreats.

 She describes Tai Chi Chuan as an example of how to live life: in harmony, in a

 constant flow, without any resistance, being strong and soft, targeted and flexible,

 quiet in motion, aware of our balance   and focused in our center. She has been

 practicing Tai Chi for over 10 years and shares an astonishment of how when

 practiced daily, it has the power to bring you in form and stabilize you mentally

 and physically.


                               Our Local Projects

 Oceans of Love brings healing to children with autism and other challenges through surfing and immersion in our magical ocean.

Bahia Matanchen Animals helps animals in need and holds spay and neuter clinics each month.

Club Deportivo Bahia Matanchen is a sports club for kids in the area. The kids are able to enjoy all of the benefits of team sports with absolutely no cost involved.

Becas Matanchen provides scholarships for students in the Matanchen Bay area.

A New Leaf is a project to form a non-profit healing center. In the first stages it will host free alternative holistic healing clinics in our local communities. 

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