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Harmony Holistic Life

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Harmony ~

A pleasing arrangement of parts, congruity

Holistic ~

A form of healing and being that considers the whole person~ body, mind, emotions, and spirit~ on the journey of optimal health and well-being.

Life ~

What you make of it!

         We  support  mind, body, emotional,                     and spiritual well-being; helping you to enjoy your full potential and thrive!



 Harmony Holistic Life provides a variety of personal holistic therapies.

Specializing in

Transformative Hypnotherapy, Mind-Body and Energy Healing Therapies,Nutritional and Herbal  Consultations, Behavioral and Life Coaching, Feng Shui Consultations...

and Retreats!
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I booked a retreat with Lizzy at harmony holistic life
I was at a really low point with my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. I contacted Lizzy and requested a private retreat to help me, get my life and my body back. I was scared to take a risk on my own, ask for help and do it alone.
I was not alone, Lizzy gently took my hand and showed me how to love myself, forgive myself and find myself again. I was treated with such love and kindness, she had an incredible chef, Caralina, create meals, to bring me back to health. Lizzy's warm home with tranquil trees, beautiful pool and space to reflect on my own. Gentle yoga classes ( I'm a beginner) breath work, counseling, art therapy, and so much more to help me get through on my own, towards healing and embracing the best version of me. I encourage anyone, who is lost, who is willing to do the work to find themselves. Contact Lizzy, she can help you find your way. 💜Cherie


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