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Harmony Holistic Life

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Harmony ~

A pleasing arrangement of parts, congruity

Holistic ~

A form of healing and being that considers the whole person~ body, mind, emotions, and spirit~ on the journey of optimal health and well-being.

Life ~

What you make of it!

         We  support  mind, body, emotional,                     and spiritual well-being; helping you to enjoy your full potential and thrive!



 Harmony Holistic Life provides a variety of personal holistic therapies.

Specializing in

Transformative Hypnotherapy, Mind-Body and Energy Healing Therapies,Nutritional and Herbal  Consultations, Behavioral and Life Coaching, Feng Shui Consultations...

and Retreats!
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I could write a book regarding Host Lizzy, Cook Edma and the overall experience.  The Zen Center was definitely more than I was expecting.  The care was so personalized and each activity or outing was so thought out and amazing.  The food was incredibly fresh, abundant and delicious,  it was a work of art from Edma's heart.  The accommodations were comfortable with beautiful views of the surrounding ocean and landscape. Lizzy has put her heart and soul into this experience and wants only the best outcome for you.  If you are looking for this type of holiday I strongly suggest you book  with Lizzy at the Zen Center you will not be disappointed.  


Judy Caldow Kamloops BC Canada

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