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A Word About Inner Work: Creating Inner Peace

Updated: Jul 26, 2021


Often times there are misconceptions about inner work.

Some of these misconceptions are based on the false belief that we must fix some part of us to be "better", "conscious" or to achieve some "perfect"state of existence.

This is not true and is not the purpose or goal of inner work. Inner work is all about inner peace.

We are all human, we have all experienced pain on some level, we all have some insecurities and sensitivities, we all have some level of worry and sometimes these things get triggered.

When we take a moment and look within as to what and why we are feeling or reacting a certain way we learn about ourselves, we are able to nurture that part of us that was hurt and that helps us feel better and have more inner peace.

Sometimes inner work can be heavy as buried emotions can come up, but as they do we have an opportunity to release them and find ways to support ourselves and love ourselves more.

Inner work doesn't always have to be heavy and painful either. Anytime we take a moment to look within and get to know ourselves better we give ourselves an opportunity to learn how to care for and support ourselves, grow and live in our full potential more comfortably, and love ourselves more.

Our group and private healing retreats hosted in beautiful Nayarit, Mexico provide a safe and supportive environment for inner work based on self-love, consciuosness expansion, and creating a solid foundation of well-being.

For more information about our retreats and online holistic therapies click on the links below:

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