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Ending the Stigma of Seeking Emotional/Mental Therapy

Often times people feel defeated, failure, fear, or even shame about seeking mental/emotional therapy.

This woman made a wonderful comment about this and what she said is;

"If you hurt your back you would go to a chiropractor or physical bodyworker for a treatment. You would say I need to get an

adjustment and you wouldn't feel any any shame or defeat about it." She then explained that it is the same way for emotional and mental therapy.

Therapists assist you to make adjustments to your mental and belief systems that lead to emotional adjustments and then energetic vibrational adjustments that create more peace and positive change in your life. We all need this at times too and there is nothing wrong with that! Asking for assistance and getting the tools you need is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of inner strength.

I have been there myself and I know it is so much better to get the adjustment as soon as it comes into your awareness that it is needed. Don't wait until the weight is so much you feel desperate.

Taking care of yourself is empowering and an act of self love that everyone deserves.

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