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Foods To Alleviate Arthritis

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Nature nurtures!! Foods with the highest nutrient content are listed first. The best way to use this information is to make note of the foods you like, are available to you, and contain several of the nutrients below and then add these into your weekly meals. You can also utilize this list to create new recipes you can enjoy too!


Vitamin B5: Mushrooms (Shitake, dried, cooked) (crimini, portabella, enoki, raw), tomatoes (green, raw), Crab (Blue, canned, or cooked by moist heat), yogurt (plain, nonfat, low fat), peas (edible podded raw or cooked), cauliflower (raw), eggs (whole, raw), milk (nonfat,low fat), sweet potato (baked), broccoli (cooked), endive(raw), squash (acorn), avocado (California), Catfish (channel,wild,cooked by dry heat), grapefruit (white,raw) beans, (navy,sprouted)

Vitamin C: Bell peppers (yellow, red, green chopped raw), peppers hot chili green chopped, guava (raw), kale (raw), pummelo, parsley (raw), kiwi, strawberries, papaya, broccoli, oranges, brussel sprouts, orange juice, litchis, grapefruit (white), pineapple, cauliflower, peas, cantaloupe, mustard greens, cabbage red, kumquats, green tomatoes, mangoes, green cabbage, carambola, red tomatoes, kale, persimmons, tangerines.

Caffeic acid: Apples, anise seed, basil,brussel sprouts, burdock root, cabbage, chia seeds, chicory greens, coffee, garlic, grapefruit, lemon, onions, orange, oregano, parsley, peanuts, potato, pear, radish, strawberries, sunflower seeds, tarragon, thyme, tomatoes. Herbs: Agrimony, bilberry, chamomile, hawthorne, verbena,vervain, wild cherry, wood betony, yarrow *

Catechins: Cacao beans/ nibs, green, black, oolong tea, blackberries, plums, cocoa powder, baking chocolate, grapes (black,green raw), red wine (Cabernet Savignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc), apples (Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious), chocolate (dark .65 oz, minimum of 65% cacao solids), peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, pears, blueberries, nectarines, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, bananas, chard (red leaf)

Copper: Keep in 1:8 ratio of copper to zinc for best absorption. Keep fructose intake to a minimum as it greatly interferes with copper absorption. Kale, mushrooms(Shiitake,Crimini, Portabella dried,cooked), oysters(pacific,cooked by moist heat), crab (Alaska King, Blue, canned, cooked by moist heat), clams (cooked by moist heat), potato baked (skins only), cashews (raw), beans (navy,pinto sprouted,cooked), cocoa powder unsweetened, turnip greens, beet greens, blackberries, guava, lentils (sprouted, raw), hummus, soy, spinach, sunflower seeds (dried), asparagus (cooked), swiss chard, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, tahini( from raw stone ground sesame seeds) soft goat cheese

Limonoids: All citrus fruits, small amounts in caraway, cardamon, celery seed, fennel seed, and spearmint.

Magnesium: Spinach (cooked), swiss chard (cooked), Beans (navy, sprouted, cooked), died pumpkin/ squash seeds, beet greens cooked, seaweed, kelp, wakame , (raw), watermelon seeds (dried), okra (raw),molasses, cacao nibs, acorn squash, flax seeds, cactus (cooked, raw), artichokes (cooked), chia seeds (dried), crab (Alaskan King cooked by moist heat)

Omega - 3 fatty acids: Salmon oil, sardine oil, krill oil, herring oil, flax seed oil, salmon (Pink, Chinook,canned, Coho cooked by dry heat), herring cooked by dry heat, oysters, pacific cooked by dry heat,flax seeds.

Phytosterols: Sunflower seeds (dried), sesame seeds (not hulled, dried), cashews (raw), sesame seed oil, canola oil, wheat germ oil, grapefruit (white, raw), avocado (california), safflower oil, soybeans (green, cooked, raw), oranges, pumpkin seeds (dried), figs (raw), onions (cooked), peas (split), beans (kidney, raw), flaxseed oil, pistachios, apricots (raw), fava beans (raw), okra (raw), beets(raw), asparagus(raw), brussels sprouts(raw), alsond oil, strawberries, bambo shoots, cauliflower (raw), flaxseeds, almonds (dried), olive oil, cantaloupe, onions (raw), almond butter, peaches(raw), pine nuts(dried), cucumber with peel, tomatoes, lettuce (green leaf), peppers(green, raw)

Proanthocyanidins :Cacao beans raw, blueberries wild, plums (black,red,purple), cranberries, cinnamon, strawberries, cocoa powder unsweetened, apples (granny smith,red delicious, fuji), beans pinto, peaches (yellow raw), grapes (green, red, black raw), pears, red wine, nectarines, blackberries, raspberries, hazelnuts, pecans, fava beans, dark chocolate (min 65% cacao solids), pistachios, tea (green, black), cherries (sweet red, raw) almonds, apricot

Quercetin: Peppers(hot chili, yellow,) red onion , onions , ancho chilis okra (raw), kale , capers (2 TB), asparagus (cooked, raw 1 cup), plums (black, red), raw hot green chilis (1 cup), radish leaves (raw, 1 oz), serrano , cranberries , blueberries, cilantro, blackberries, figs, brussels sprouts, cocoa powder, green and black tea, apples (Red Delicious, Gala, Golden,Granny Smith,Fuji) red kidney beans, red leaf swiss chard, peas (black eyed, raw), dill (fresh), fennel leaves (fresh), spinach (raw), jalapeño peppers (raw), snap (yellow,green) beans, Concord grapes , broccoli (raw), lettuce red leaf, dried goji berries, chia seeds (dried), cherries (sweet), apricots (raw), arugula, black grapes, lettuce, Oolong tea

Salicyclic: Alfalfa sprouts, barley, beets, garlic, grapes, lingonberry, peanut, pumpkin seeds, red currants, raspberries, sage, soybeans, strawberries, tarragon, vanilla, wheat. Herbs: Birch, licorice root, meadowsweet, willow bark, aloe vera, black cohosh, calendula, plantain, red clover, yarrow

Selenium: Brazil nuts, oysters (Pacific cooked by moist heat), tuna (light, white, canned in water), mussels (blue cooked by moist heat), crab (Blue, Dungess, Alaska King cooked by moist heat), shrimp, eggs (whites only), flounder, sole, mushrooms (shiitake, crimini), clams, haddock, cod, salmon (Pink,Coho,Sockeye, Chinook canned), pork (Tenderloin, Sirloin, Center loin, wheat germ (raw), wheat berries (sprouted), pasta (whole wheat), turkey (light, dark meat), scallops (cooked by moist heat), beef (Top sirloin, bottom round, rib eye), chicken, catfish, cottage cheese, whole grain bread, rye bread, tofu, chia seeds, asparagus (cooked), ricotta cheese

Zinc: Oysters (Pacific, cooked by moist heat), crab (Alaska King, cooked by moist heat), crab (Dungeness, Blue, canned or cooked by moist heat), beef (Chuck blade, ground, rib eye, rib, top sirloin, bison)

Osteoarthritis: Vitamin B-3, Add Boron, Vitamin E

Vitamin B-3:Tuna light canned in water, turkey light meat, chicken light meat, mushrooms cooked (enoki, portable, shiitake), salmon (pink, Coho, Sockeye cooked by dry heat), Pork (Sirloin, tenderloin, top loin), beef (eye of round, top sirloin)

Boron: Carrots, soybeans, raisins, peaches, avocados, red kidney beans, dried apricots, plums, prunes, red grapes, apples, pears, oranges, almonds, garbanzo beans, hazelnuts, kiwi, dates, peanuts, brazil nuts

Vitamin E: Wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds (dried), hazelnut oil, sunflower seed oil, almonds dried, almond oil, wheat germ (raw), almond butter, safflower oil, dandelion greens, spinach

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Add Beta-carotene, Beta-cryptoxanthin

Beta-carotene: Carrots (raw,cooked), potatoes (sweet, baked,boiled), spinach (cooked), kale (cooked, raw), mustard greens (cooked), squash (butternut), beet greens, turnip greens, dandelion greens, swiss chard, parsley, pumpkin, romaine lettuce, cantaloupe, bok choy, red bell pepper, red leaf lettuce, raw apricots, pink grapefruit, sour red cherries, broccoli, endive, chives, red tomatoes, zucchini, paprika 2 tsp, asparagus, mango, hot green chili peppers

Beta- cryptoxanthin: Squash (butternut, hubbard), persimmons, papayas, red bell peppers, tangerines, red bell peppers, tangerine juice, orange juice, carrots (cooked), paprika, kumquats, oranges, cayenne pepper 2 tsp , apricots, nectarines, chili powder 2 tsp, dandelion greens, raw carrots kale

Alimentos para aliviar la artritis

La naturaleza nutre !! Los alimentos con el mayor contenido de nutrientes se enumeran primero. ¡Disfrutar! Vitamina B5: Champiñones (Shitake, secos, cocidos) (crimini, portabella, enoki, crudos), tomates (verdes, crudos), cangrejos (azules, enlatados o cocidos al calor húmedo), yogurt (natural, sin grasa, bajo en grasa) , guisantes (comestibles en vaina cruda o cocida), coliflor (cruda), huevos (enteros, crudos), leche (sin grasa, baja en grasa), batata (al horno), brócoli (cocido), endibia (cruda), calabaza (bellota) , aguacate (California), bagre (canal, salvaje, cocido al calor seco), frijoles de toronja (blanco, crudo), (azul marino, germinado) Vitamina C: pimientos (amarillos, rojos, verdes picados crudos), pimientos picantes picantes, guayaba (crudos), col rizada (cruda), pomelo, perejil (crudos), kiwi, fresas, papaya, brócoli, naranjas, coles de Bruselas , jugo de naranja, lichis, pomelo (blanco), piña, coliflor, guisantes, melón, hojas de mostaza, col roja, kumquats, tomates verdes, mangos, col verde, carambola, tomates rojos, col rizada, caquis, mandarinas. Ácido cafeico: Manzanas, semillas de anís, albahaca, coles de Bruselas, raíz de bardana, repollo, semillas de chía, achicoria, café, ajo, toronja, limón, cebolla, naranja, orégano, perejil, maní, papa, pera, rábano, fresas, semillas de girasol, estragón, tomillo, tomates. Hierbas: Agrimony, arándano, manzanilla, espino, verbena, verbena, cereza silvestre, madera betony, milenrama * Catequinas: granos / semillas de cacao, verde, negro, té oolong, moras, ciruelas, cacao en polvo, chocolate para hornear, uvas (negro, verde crudo), vino tinto (Cabernet Savignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc), manzanas (Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious), chocolate (oscuro .65 oz, mínimo de 65% de sólidos de cacao), duraznos, albaricoques, ciruelas, cerezas, peras, arándanos, nectarinas, fresas, frambuesas, arándanos, plátanos, acelgas (rojo hoja)

Cobre: ​​Mantenga una proporción de 1: 8 de cobre a zinc para una mejor absorción. Mantenga la ingesta de fructosa al mínimo ya que interfiere en gran medida con la absorción de cobre. Col rizada, champiñones (Shiitake, Crimini, Portabella secos, cocidos), ostras (Pacífico, cocidas por calor húmedo), cangrejo (Rey de Alaska, Azul, enlatado, cocido por calor húmedo), almejas (cocidas por calor húmedo), papa al horno ( solo cáscaras), anacardos (crudos), frijoles (azul marino, germinados con pinto, cocidos), cacao en polvo sin endulzar, nabos, remolacha, moras, guayaba, lentejas (germinados, crudos), hummus, soja, espinacas, semillas de girasol (secas ), espárragos (cocidos), acelgas, avellanas, nueces de Brasil, tahini (de semillas de sésamo molidas de piedra cruda) queso de cabra suave Limonoides: todos los cítricos, pequeñas cantidades en alcaravea, cardamomo, semillas de apio, semillas de hinojo y menta verde. Magnesio: espinacas (cocidas), acelgas (cocidas), frijoles (azul marino, germinado, cocido), semillas de calabaza / calabaza muertas, hojas de remolacha cocidas, algas, algas, wakame, (crudas), semillas de sandía (secas), okra ( cruda), melaza, semillas de cacao, calabaza bellota, semillas de lino, cactus (cocido, crudo), alcachofas (cocidas), semillas de chía (secas), cangrejo (Rey de Alaska cocinado con calor húmedo) Ácidos grasos omega 3: aceite de salmón, aceite de sardina, aceite de krill, aceite de arenque, aceite de linaza, salmón (rosa, chinook, enlatado, coho cocido al calor seco), arenque cocido al calor seco, ostras, pacífico cocido al calor seco ,semillas de lino. Fitosteroles: semillas de girasol (secas), semillas de sésamo (sin cáscara, secas), anacardos (crudos), aceite de semillas de sésamo, aceite de canola, aceite de germen de trigo, pomelo (blanco, crudo), aguacate (california), aceite de cártamo, soja ( verde, cocido, crudo), naranjas, semillas de calabaza (secas), higos (crudos), cebollas (cocidas), guisantes (partidos), frijoles (riñones, crudos), aceite de linaza, pistachos, albaricoques (crudos), habas ( cruda), okra (cruda), remolacha (cruda), espárragos (cruda), coles de Bruselas (cruda), aceite de alsonda, fresas, brotes de bambo, coliflor (cruda), semillas de lino, almendras (secadas), aceite de oliva, melón, cebolla (cruda), mantequilla de almendras, duraznos (cruda), piñones (secos), pepino con cáscara, tomates, lechuga (hoja verde), pimientos (verdes, crudos)

Proantocianidinas: granos de cacao crudos, arándanos silvestres, ciruelas (negras, rojas, moradas), arándanos, canela, fresas, cacao en polvo sin azúcar, manzanas (granny smith, red delicious, fuji), frijoles pintos, duraznos (crudos amarillos), uvas ( verde, rojo, negro crudo), peras, vino tinto, nectarinas, moras, frambuesas, avellanas, nueces, habas, chocolate negro (mínimo 65% de sólidos de cacao), pistachos, té (verde, negro), cerezas (rojo dulce, crudas) almendras, albaricoque Quercetina: pimientos (chile picante, amarillo), cebolla roja, cebolla, chili ancho okra (crudo), col rizada, alcaparras (2 TB), espárragos (cocidos, crudos 1 taza), ciruelas (negras, rojas), chiles verdes crudos (1 taza), hojas de rábano (crudo, 1 oz), serrano, arándanos, arándanos, cilantro, moras, higos, coles de Bruselas, cacao en polvo, té verde y negro, manzanas (Red Delicious, Gala, Golden, Granny Smith, Fuji ) frijoles rojos, acelgas de hoja roja, guisantes (ojos negros, crudos), eneldo (fresco), hojas de hinojo (frescas), espinacas (crudas), pimientos jalapeños (crudos), frijoles (amarillo, verde), uvas Concord , brócoli (crudo), lechuga, hoja roja, bayas de goji secas, semillas de chía (secas), cerezas (dulces), albaricoques (crudos), rúcula, uvas negras, lechuga, té Oolong Salicíclico: brotes de alfalfa, cebada, remolacha, ajo, uvas, arándano rojo, maní, semillas de calabaza, grosellas rojas, frambuesas, salvia, soja, fresas, estragón, vainilla, trigo. Hierbas: abedul, raíz de regaliz, reina de los prados, corteza de sauce, aloe vera, cohosh negro, caléndula, plátano, trébol rojo, milenrama Selenio: nueces de Brasil, ostras (Pacífico cocinado por calor húmedo), atún (claro, blanco, enlatado en agua), mejillones (azul cocinado por calor húmedo), cangrejo (Azul, Dungess, Alaska King cocinado por calor húmedo), camarones, huevos (solo blancos), platija, lenguado, champiñones (shiitake, crimini), almejas, eglefino, bacalao, salmón (rosa, coho, salmón rojo, chinook en lata), cerdo (lomo, solomillo, lomo central, germen de trigo (crudo), bayas de trigo (germinadas), pasta (trigo integral), pavo (carne clara, oscura), vieiras (cocinadas con calor húmedo), carne de res (solomillo superior, fondo redondo, costilla), pollo, bagre, requesón, pan integral , pan de centeno, tofu, semillas de chia, espárragos (cocidos), queso ricotta

Zinc: ostras (Pacífico, cocinado por calor húmedo), cangrejo (Rey de Alaska, cocinado por calor húmedo), cangrejo (Dungeness, azul, enlatado o cocinado por calor húmedo), carne de res (Chuck blade, molido, costilla, costilla, parte superior solomillo, bisonte) Osteoartritis: vitamina B-3, agregar boro, vitamina E Vitamina B-3: Atún light enlatado en agua, carne ligera de pavo, carne ligera de pollo, champiñones cocidos (enoki, portátil, shiitake), salmón (rosa, Coho, Sockeye cocido al calor seco), Cerdo (Solomillo, lomo, lomo superior) ), carne de res (ojo de solomillo redondo superior) Boro: zanahorias, soja, pasas, duraznos, aguacates, frijoles rojos, albaricoques secos, ciruelas, ciruelas pasas, uvas rojas, manzanas, peras, naranjas, almendras, garbanzos, avellanas, kiwi, dátiles, cacahuates, nueces de Brasil. Vitamina E: aceite de germen de trigo, semillas de girasol (secas), aceite de avellanas, aceite de semillas de girasol, almendras secas, aceite de almendras, germen de trigo (crudo), mantequilla de almendras, aceite de cártamo, hojas de diente de león, espinacas Artritis reumatoide: agregue beta-caroteno, beta-criptoxantina Betacaroteno: zanahorias (crudas, cocidas), papas (dulces, horneadas, hervidas), espinacas (cocidas), col rizada (cocidas, crudas), hojas de mostaza (cocidas), calabaza (butternut), hojas de remolacha, hojas de nabo, diente de león verduras, acelgas, perejil, calabaza, lechuga romana, melón, bok choy, pimiento rojo, lechuga de hoja roja, albaricoques crudos, pomelo rosado, cerezas rojas agrias, brócoli, escarola, cebollín, tomates rojos, calabacín, pimentón 2 cucharaditas, espárragos, mango, pimientos picantes Beta-criptoxantina: calabaza (butternut, hubbard), caquis, papayas, pimientos rojos, mandarinas, pimientos rojos, jugo de mandarina, jugo de naranja, zanahorias (cocidas), pimentón, kumquats, naranjas, pimienta de cayena 2 cucharaditas, albaricoques, nectarinas , chile en polvo 2 cucharaditas, hojas de diente de león, zanahoria cruda

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