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Getting out of a Funk and Back into Balance

Updated: Apr 11

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Have you ever hit a rough patch, be it a difficult day, week, month or even year? Be assured you are in good company, as it happens to all of us at some point. I had one of those days last week which inspired me to share these ideas. Often times we can get out of balance and into a negative funk by overworking or overdoing anything in our lives be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. Sometimes just change and new situations can throw us off a bit. And sometimes we go through a unsettling period before we have new realizations and new growth. It is ok to have "funk"periods, but if you feel stuck here are a few things to help you get back into balance.

#1 Take a break.

If you feel like your not as centered as normal, or tired, or negative doubtful thinking is taking over then take it as a sign to go within and rest. Sometimes we need time alone to recharge and get in touch with ourselves again before we continue on with our everyday lives. If you have a 9-5 and can’t really go MIA for a few days then really prioritize your hours outside of work and put yourself first. You may have to disappoint some people and put outside responsibilities on hold but you need to be your first priority. This may sound selfish but the truth is; if you aren’t doing good to yourself and taking care of yourself you aren’t going to be able to give or do 100% to anything outside of you either. If you are feeling off step #1 to getting back in the flow is to rest. Get the relaxation and sleep time you need even if you have to call in sick or disappoint some people you will be better off taking the time for yourself.

#2 STOP all self criticism and blame.

Oftentimes we can spend too much time and energy wondering why. Why was that day so difficult? Why did I do this or that? Why did that have to happen? Maybe I should have..? Introspection is good but tearing ourselves apart and analyzing every minor decision is not good at all. It creates more self doubt and less self confidence on a larger level. Trust in yourself as much as you possibly can! You have 100% choice what you allow in your mental space. Take note of your inner space and what thoughts you allow to preside there. DO NOT attack yourself for negative thoughts just take note and know you do have the power to choose to entertain different thoughts. Give yourself a healthy dose of compassion and accept whatever is going on in your life. This doesn't mean that you have to feel good about it or that everything is ok; by accepting a difficult situation you allow yourself to stop resisting it and you naturally flow into a better space. Journaling is a great technique to get in touch with how you are feeling and why. Sometimes just understanding what is going on within you will put you in a better place. Remember you are a spiritual being having a physical experience and doing the best you can. If you notice things you could have done better or in different way that may be more beneficial to you or better overall, don’t get stuck criticizing or blaming yourself just take note for the next time. Every day is a new one and one to celebrate!

#3 Go to nature! It is always available if we take the time to connect. Nature grounds, soothes and heals us physically on a cellular level, it soothes us emotionally and mentally and spiritually reconnects us to our source.

#4 ENJOY your life!

This may feel difficult if your experiencing some heavy emotions but as they say its all about the little things in life; so start there! Ask yourself what do you like to do? Spending your time doing things you enjoy that are nurturing to you is where its at! In doing these things you naturally go within and the flow comes back to you. Start anywhere; a cup of tea and a new book, a nice dinner and movie, swim in the ocean or a walk on the beach or even a full day of fun at the beach, whatever little things you enjoy just START doing them. By doing these little things you (en)joy you will naturally find yourself living (in) joy again. If your down it may seem really hard to start (I know, I’ve been there too ) but just make a list of your favorite things and just start one at a time. You will get back in the flow of life just give yourself patience, self compassion and love.

#4 STOP all self criticism and blame.choice to step out of the funk and not wallow in any pain too long. Only you can make that choice but their are lots of therapists available that can assist you to make that mental/emotional adjustment. Don't be afraid to reach out if you feel the energy to do so it is an empowering and loving act towards yourself.

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