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Manifestation : A Three Step Process

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Here is a quick and easy guide to manifest what you want in your life!


When you know clearly what you want; your focus and energy is clearly pointed in that direction.

A couple of important pointers are :

*Do not limit yourself based on your current situation. Anything is possible if you believe it to be. Believe in your goals, dreams, abundance; and most importantly believe in yourself.

* If you have several things you are trying to

manifest in your life put them in a time sequence. This does not mean that you are attached to having everything happen in that time frame or in a certain way. This just helps you focus your energy rather then sending it out in too many different directions thus scattering it. Time sequencing is an important part of goal setting. It helps you focus and helps the Universe help you.


This is important because our emotions have energetic vibrations. We bring things to us that are in alignment with the vibrations in our energy field. Whatever you desire, visualize it feel good about it.

* This is important and can be really, really fun! Day dreaming happy things is not a bad thing or time wasted. Anything that makes you feel good that is not innately damaging to your health is good for your overall well being. When we feel good, we function good and our energy is good and draws more good towards us.

* If your not feeling good about your current situation. Just change your emotions and energetic vibration bit by bit. This does not mean stuff your feelings or deny your emotional pain. It means once you have gotten touch with your emotions shift them by focusing on how you would like to feel, what you would like to have in your life.

Ex. If you want more love in your life; be loving to yourself. Give yourself all the things you would want your ideal partner to give you. In this way you are creating a vibration of love and getting clear on all the things you deserve.

Ex. If you want more money; feel ok spending it. Treat yourself to a small luxury and relish in the treat. This doesn't mean disregard your budget or spend irresponsibly. Just relish in the small luxury that you can afford, even if it's a nice piece of fruit or quality chocolate bar. By feeling like you can afford the luxury and enjoy the luxury you are changing your vibration.

Ex. If you want more relaxation in your life focus on small periods of relaxation time in your day. Lavish in these small periods even if it is just 5 minutes in the sunshine, sitting by a tree, etc. It will do you so much good and create more of that feeling in your life.


This is a big one. We are all powerful beyond our comprehension. We only use 10% of our mental potential in our conscious mind the other 90% is subconscious. Our fears, past traumas, and disempowering belief systems are all stored in our subconscious mind until we do our inner work, or shadow work and bring them to the conscious mind to be healed. We create our reality that is a fact no one else is responsible for our lives and we are creating in each moment. We can't not do this but we can do this consciously or unconsciously- Do it consciously it is much less painful and creates a much more pleasant reality.

* There are several ways to work with the subconscious mind. First as a hypnotherapist, I highly recommend hypnotherapy. It is the most powerful form of psychological therapy because it works directly with the subconscious mind. Through hypnotherapy you cancel out the fears, past traumas and disempowering beliefs and create and plant empowering beliefs that change the way you feel inside and helps you create a positive foundation for your life.

* Journaling is a good way to get in touch with your subconscious shadow side.

A simple journal exercise is to write a page of whatever comes to mind for the following topics listed below. You are the only one who needs to see this so be honest with yourself.


P1 I am afraid of.......

P2 Sometimes I think, feel, believe.....

P3 Sometimes I think, feel, believe other people think about me......

P4 I want to think, feel, believe....

Page 4 you can utilize to make written/spoken affirmations and for visualizations. This will help you get in the right direction

*Another important step is to getting out of your own way is to release any and all attachments you may have correlated between your desire and your sense of accomplishment, success, and self worth. If you put so much weight on any goal you put an equal amount of shadow stuff opposing it. The truth of the matter is that we are all on a very deep soul level perfect in our own way no matter how messed up other parts of us are at any given time. This innate perfection is always there. You are good enough, successful, accomplished and loved without having to attain or accomplish that which you desire. Once you release this weight on your goal it is much easier for it to manifest for all the good reasons you want it to exist.

A few last thoughts...

Celebrate the small (WOW!) manifestation moments and try not to get discouraged if some things don't happen or have not happened yet. I have experienced a lot of manifestation in my life, some unconscious and not pleasant and some conscious very WOW! manifestations. I have also had situations where I really wanted something and it didn't happen but as life went on I could see very clearly how that thing would not have worked or been the best thing for me. Just trust that what is right for you will manifest in perfect timing.

Let yourself dream big- sometimes when we ask for something we don't even think is really possible it comes to us easily because we haven't put any emotion baggage resistance against it; so DREAM BIG!

Happy manifesting!

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