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Soul Journey Retreats


Our Soul Journey Retreat: Bring Spriritual

Awakening to Your Physical Experience;

is all about connecting with our spiritual

essence and brining that feeling, knowing,

and peace into our daily lives.

On retreat we create a solid foundation for spiritual growth, gain deeper awareness to care for our energy body, and we learn tools and techniques to maintain our connection to our spiritual essence as we consciously

and joyfully create our lives.

The very first day on retreat we start our morning practice with a Yoga for the Chakras session where we learn about our inner energy system; through yoga poses to engage each chakra, guidance how we can utilize this knowledge for our personal development, and an energizing meditation through each chakra.

On retreat we benefit from energy healing hypnotherapy sessions to assist us to access our own power to clear and balance our energy fields so we can move into a higher, better feeling vibration and connect with our spirit.

Through journaling techniques, inner child work, and Kundalini yoga we gain a deeper emotional and spiritual connection to access our higher guidance so we feel more confident making decisions and more relaxed and at ease in our lives.

During the retreat we reflect on several modern and ancient spiritual truths and discuss how to integrate these teachings into our daily lives. We also create a solid

foundation for spiritual awareness through daily body movement, personalized herbal and nutritional guidance, and several meditations so we feel and maintain a deeper sense of well-being in our lives regardless of outside circumstances.

We are holding this retreat in Nayarit,

Mexico June 26th - July 2nd, 2022 and December 4th-10th, 2022. We offer these retreats in love because at Harmony Holistic Life we believe that life is what you make of it and that everyone deserves to live a life they feel good about.

If you would like to gain more spiritual awareness, peace, and energetic alignment in your life then this retreat is for you!

For details click on the link below:

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