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Hypnotherapy For Alcohol and Substance abuse

Updated: Jul 6

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Have you been feeling powerless, out of control and struggling to overcome your urges to drink or use drugs?

There is hope, hypnotherapy can empower you to make the changes you need in your life.

Why utilize hypnotherapy for alcohol abuse and substance abuse?

Our habits are stored in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind acts like a giant recorder and is completely nonjudgemental. This means that it stores all positive experiences and habits as well as all painful, uncomfortable experiences and detrimental habits.

So if someone say "Joe" decides to stop drinking or drink less his conscious mind says no more alcohol, or no more than x amount of drinks per week, etc. whatever "Joe" decides consciously. However Joe’s subconscious mind has programmed that Joe likes to drink alcohol so it will naturally work to support Joe’s current drinking habits if it is not instructed otherwise. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to remove that mental programming and create a healthier paradigm.

Alcohol abuse and any addiction is also a coping mechanism for some kind of emotional pain and discomfort from the past or present. Emotional pain and fear is stored in the subconscious mind as well. These “ negative” or difficult emotions, memories or fears create blocks and pressure overtime on the conscious mind which is expressed in the form of addictions, anger, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. By utilizing hypnotherapy you can remove the pressure and blocks on the subconscious level. It does not erase the memory but it changes the way you feel about them and how they affect you. By removing the pressure the addiction trigger is no longer present.

Even in situations where the emotional pain that caused the drinking habit to develop is no longer present the habit itself has become the addiction trigger. In utilizing hypnotherapy, while the addiction trigger is being removed on the subconscious level as well as the mental habit programing in therapy sessions you can reinforce the behavioral change with positive healthy subconscious programing. Your subconscious mind can become your ally in changing your behavior. You simply outgrow the addiction and feel better about yourself and in your daily life naturally.

Hypnotherapy only requires an average of 7-10 sessions and the hypnotic state is extremely pleasant and beneficial to your overall health. It is an extremely relaxing state that brings you into your body on a deep level. By working subconsciously through hypnotherapy you change your mental and energetic patterns which makes the behavioral changes much easier to manifest in your life.

You can see how hypnotherapy can benefit you personally by clicking on the links below in the resources section.



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